It's Lower Body Day


You'll have the proper technique and correct form to help members maximize their results while guiding them throughout their transformation.

You'll help members through all parts of their transformation, which means having the leadership and motivation from an instructor who teaches proper form and technique to maximize results. Once you finish your training, your responsibilities include:

  • Live your Life at Level 10®
  • Illustrate the Farrell's R Plaza program, including the Farrell's R Plaza fitness and nutrition recommendations
  • Instruct fitness classes conforming to the defined plan of Farrell's R Plaza headquarters
  • Comply with the Farrell's R Plaza philosophy for training and instruction
  • Go to or lead an average of three classes per week
  • Go to a minimum of one large group training workshop each year

Additional training can be required by owners/managers. There are three levels of certification: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

For more details on this position, see your Head Coach/Manager or apply below.

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